Bring a Smile to Your Face With Clean Upholstery

When was the last time your upholstery was perfectly cleaned? Your upholstery may be the centrepiece of your home, but it captures all of the human oils and debris brought in from a busy day. With food, hair, pet smells and grime becoming a part of your life once your upholstery becomes dirty, your upholstery will have a different smell and look, without the appropriate cleaning. To rid the old disgusting smell of human oils and grime let our Deep Clean professionals come and clean your upholstery and give your upholstery that brand new fresh look and smell again.

A Clean Upholstery and Its Benefits

When guests walk into your home having a refreshing clean home with clean furniture makes them feel welcome. Clean furniture lets your guests know that their visit is appreciated and they should feel at home. Along with feeling welcome the other advantages of having clean upholstery includes:

• Colour In Upholstery Comes to Life – With a professionally cleaned upholstery by our DEEPCLEAN expert the colour in upholstery will come to life and you will be able to see  and smell the freshness in it again.

• Protects Against Allergies and Asthma – If you or your family members have asthma having clean upholstered furniture is a must. With a professional upholstery cleaning your allergies and asthma will not be triggered from the dust that has made a home in your furniture.

• Cheaper Than Buying a New Couch/Sofa – Instead of buying a new couch/sofa, why not get your couch/sofa professionally cleaned and save the extra money? With a freshly cleaned couch/sofa, you will be able to continue to enjoy those moments with family and friends and not have to worry about if you spent your money wisely on a new one.

What happens if I don't have get my upholstery cleaned?

The smell of human oils can be a smell that lives in your furniture for months if it is ignored. When guests come to visit you may find yourself filled with embarrassment and flustered with aggravation because of a dirty stained couch/sofa. Once the grime on your couch/sofa is overlooked the ugliness of it becomes the least of your concerns.

• Permanent Damage – Dirt and stains could cause permanent damage to your furniture if it is not cleaned. Guests will also be hesitant of coming to your home and sitting on your furniture.

• Dirt and Stains Will Seep Into Fabric – An unclean sofa will eventually take in the dirt, stains, and human oils, leaving the fabric seeped from the contaminants.

• More Money Spent on New Furniture – If your furniture becomes permanently damaged from stains, grime, and dirt taking over, then more money may need to be spent on new furniture. This could be an unfortunate event, especially if there are other things in your household that requires your financial attention.